New Patio in Sawley

Miss Price from Sheffield wanted to make better use of her garden and create a nice social patio area. The design would feature beautiful Indian Sandstone slabs, a retaining dwarf wall and steps leading onto the lawn. We set about digging out the area of grass and earth to create the shape and depth for the patio foundation. It’s important to remember here that, companies who provide cheap patios will often not dig down to the right level and so your patio will end up moving and shifting soon after. The foundation is the key to a patios long life.
Once digging was done, we then installed a high quality weed membrane and topped this with grade one hardcore to create a solid platform to build on.
The base for the blocks was a sand cement combination tamped down to create a nice stable surface. The dwarf garden wall was made from a red brick in a traditional staggered style. The patio itself was laid with mixed

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